Your business demands connectivity that can keep up. The time you spend waiting on installation, outages, and maintenance is time taken away from your customers, employees, and business.

That’s why we built Lightpath Internet on a 100% fiber network we own, operate, and maintain ourselves. We provide a MEF-CECP-certified connection right to your building, with flexible options that deliver exactly what your business needs — and simple scalability to grow into the future.

Choose from Metro-Ethernet and Optical Transport options ranging from 20Mb to 10Gb, plus features including Internet Redundancy and Backup Power. Every option includes 24/7 coverage from our local technicians and phone support — all on one simple, predictable bill.

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20Mb-1000Mb Metro-Ethernet

Streamline your connection with reliable, symmetrical Metro-Ethernet access on our 100% fiber network. Secure and seamless to install, Lightpath Ethernet is easily burstable and scalable as your business grows, with six speeds ranging from 20Mb to 1000Mb.

What you get

IP allocation (v4 and v6)

Secondary DNS

Multiple peering arrangements

Optional managed router for most speeds

Optical Transport

Get the high-speed, high-performance throughout your business applications demand with Lightpath’s Optical Transport service. Our network delivers burstable speeds from 1Gb to 10Gb on a secure dedicated wave with built-in redundancy and 24/7 support.

What you get

Online account management

Secure dedicated wave

Burstable speeds up to 10Gb

Dedicated single path protection options

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