Every second lost to disrupted services has the potential to negatively impact your business’s finances and your brand’s reputation. Our Security Solutions prepare and protect your organization and your customers to help your business stay in business.

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Alice Business SecureNet

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Mitigate Risks

Keep your website available and protected

Maintain Resiliance

Maintain quality service
levels at all times

Altice Business SecureNet

Today, being online means being exposed to risk. As malicious threats and disruptions continue to evolve, not having the right solution can leave your business vulnerable. Altice Business SecureNet provides connectivity plus a choice of three all-in-one security packages designed to match your level of risk.

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Maintain Resiliance

Maintain quality service levels at all times, even during a crisis. With Internet Redundancy, you’ll have recovery and contingency when a disruption occurs.

Mitigate Risks

Keep your website and applications available and protected with managed around-the-clock monitoring and expert technical support to quickly detect and mitigate DDoS attacks behind the scenes - without affecting user experience.

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Internet Redundancy

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