Your business lives or dies by its ability to send and receive information. Whether you're sharing medical files, financial data, or massive video formats, every second your critical data is hanging disrupts your business.

Lightpath Transport is MEF CECP-certified to move data quickly and securely. We own and operate every inch of our 100% fiber network. That means we can deliver secure, uninterrupted connections, backed by award-winning customer service and simple flat-rate pricing.

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Flexibility to Grow

Choose from 10Mb to 1000Mb bandwidth options that scale with your business.

High‑Speed, Low‑Maintenance

We manage a fast fiber-optic connection for your Internet, voice, and data.

Secure Connectivity

On our advanced network, all your traffic is segmented and protected.

What Connection is Right for Your Business?


Connect two business locations with a dedicated point-to-point service for quick, secure data transfers. Our fiber-to-the-premises network architecture protects your critical data while providing constant availability. Get all the benefits of traditional private lines with the flexibility and scalability of Metro Ethernet.


Save money and rack space by sharing a single port across multiple network connections. This dedicated point-to-point service is ideal for businesses with one central hub plus remote locations. Lightpath’s secure Ethernet virtual connections provide sub-50-millisecond resiliency for access.


Share large amounts of data across three or more locations without having to replicate or resend data. Lightpath’s E-LAN service provides a flexible, cost-effective solution for multipoint networks needing guaranteed bandwidth, plus the added security and reliability of Ethernet.

Lightpath SecureNet

Today, being online means being exposed to risk. As malicious threats and disruptions continue to evolve, not having the right solution can leave your business vulnerable. Lightpath SecureNet provides connectivity plus a choice of three all-in-one security packages designed to match your level of risk.

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