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How Roadtex Delivers
Peace of Mind

Roadtex Transportation has become a leader in the nationwide LTL (less than load) industry, specializing in the transportation of time and temperature sensitive products. More specifically, Roadtex is the industry leader in shipping confectionery products and a proud member of the National Confectioners Association. From their corporate headquarters based in Somerset, New Jersey, Roadtex has spent the last 24 years growing their operations, which now include 32 temperature-controlled warehousing facilities strategically located across the United States.

“Roadtex is a 24/7/365 operation which means unlike our competitors, our experienced dispatch team and logistics specialists are responding to customers’ delivery needs and reporting requirements when and how they need it”, says IT Director, Bill Sotchel.

But maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction and a 98.5% on-time performance record requires a critical balance of real-time information accessibility and a multi-layered approach to data security.  Roadtex Transportation is not only delivering time-sensitive shipments safe and sound but also ensuring the up-to-date status reports are secure and available to their customers. “Customers want to know that not only are they going to get timely performance on their deliveries, but that they will also have timely, consistent, and reliable information for the reporting.” Bill asserts that “Security and reliability of the backbone network are the keys to any successful business.”

Supply chains are now more dependent and reliant on developing technology, connected by advancements like those provided by the automation of the Internet of Things. This is why, according to a recent survey of top transportation executives, cyber-related risks and data privacy breaches are considered the biggest threats to the transportation industry today. Also ranking a close second was the concern over potential failures of critical IT systems and the challenge of mitigating the operational and financial impacts.

With the growing need to protect critical information, Bill and his team safeguard the company by utilizing a multi-layered approach to data security. He employs a variety of technologies, industry standard best practices and stresses the role of working with top-tier network providers. “Partnering with providers like Altice Business, who maintain their own line of security and guarantee 99.999% up-time, strengthens the reliability of our network with an extra layer of protection,” says Bill. It also ensures that critical report data customers require is readily available, helping them drive decisions based on performance and profitability. This “filtered approach,” as Bill calls it, to data transmissions is another example of the Roadtex “Service Comes First” commitment to protecting valuable information and providing customers with strategic insights and peace of mind they should expect from a Logistics partner.

Along with the principles of safety and respect that have helped the company grow from its inception to one that has invested in its own equipment, drivers, and terminals to serve their valued customers better, Roadtex Transportation secures a seamless partnership with both clients and vendors they can trust. Through the consistent development of customer service, communications, and advanced technologies Bill and his team of IT professionals continue to steer Roadtex Transportation down the secure road of success.