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Reinventing Now — the
Future of the Workplace

We now have the ability to collaborate with people around the world, access customer information, and make business-driven decisions from anywhere and at any time - all from a device that fits in our pocket. These mobile devices allow for an organization to remain connected and be ubiquitous, which in turn enhances productivity. That is why more and more companies are deploying the use of enterprise mobility and allowing employees to work remotely using their own devices.

This staying trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) — to use for work anywhere is revolutionizing not only how to do business, but how to do it well. Services like Unified Communications extend voice services directly to laptops, desktops, or mobile devices. Hosted Contact Center services allow employees to improve their customer service support through a seamless cloud-based approach.  With the growing maturity of the Cloud and security associated with these advanced technologies, a mobile enterprise is becoming an easier, less costly solution for an organization to adopt. It's a transformative shift that is reinventing the idea of the workplace and allowing businesses to work more efficiently.

Enterprise mobility gives freedom to the employees to work more creatively, inspiring innovation on devices they already know how to use. An employee now has the opportunity to work in a more comfortable environment, away from the possible noise and stress of the office, helping them to better focus on their tasks and work more innovatively. They may feel less pressured to go along with popular opinion and better suited to think outside of the box to create fresher ideas and solutions. And by allowing employees to BYOD or CYOD (Choose Your Own Device), the employees are already familiar with the functionality of their chosen device, saving the company time and money on training.

The digital transformation makes everything simpler to manage, faster to access, and easier to share. Being able to access relevant data when it is needed and share it instantly with a coworker or customer accomplishes more in a shorter period of time than traditional methods.

Enterprise Mobility is becoming critical to the success of a company’s ability to work more efficiently. Therefore, obtaining an exceptional Enterprise Mobility Manager (EMM) to manage the type of content allowed to reside on an employee’s device and which of those devices are allowed access to corporate resources is needed to sustain success and secure long-term achievements. Implementing solutions like Unified Communications and Hosted Contact Center provides enhanced mobility, convergence, security, content, and configuration to make it easier for any businesses to embrace the mobile revolution and take advantage of all its benefits.