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Power Your Remote Learning Program

Connectivity Tools for Educators and Students

We are committed to helping schools connect students to the remote learning resources they need. Our connectivity and support solutions for education enable academic leaders to choose the services that fit their needs from a partner they can rely on.

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Altice Student WiFi

Wireless Internet access to any Education Device with MAC ID

  • Eligible devices determined by school administration (tracked via MAC ID)
  • Expert support 24/7/365
  • Paid by Academic Institution
    • As low as $1/month - Based on the number of school-issued devices
    • One-time Activation Fee up to $2.99 per device

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Educator Discount

Discount on wired home Internet access for educators, purchased by the educator household

  • $5/month discount for 12 months on Internet packages
  • Teachers, professors, and instructors are all eligible

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Expert Remote IT Help
With Premier Technical Support

PTS provides families and teachers the virtual tech support needed for set-up and to resolve any issues so the focus can stay on learning.

Instant access to IT specialists

Fast, Unlimited Device Help

95% of issues are solved in one call

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