Lightpath Managed Video is a complete video service, providing transport as well as encoding and decoding.  This purpose-built solution   delivers native compressed and uncompressed digital video in common industry formats, including ASI, SDI and HD-SDI (compressed and uncompressed).

Lightpath Managed Video:


  • Benefits:
  • Available protection for unsurpassed resiliency and reliability
  • Provides high reliability, fast service provisioning to support mission-critical events
  • High quality-of service, Reduced Jitter and efficient use of bandwidth to support the higher demands and increasing bandwidth usage of today's video services
  • Supports a variety of media services including native uncompressed and compressed video and audio services
  • Fully managed video service includes install, operation and maintenance of encoder/decoder


  • Common Applications:
  • Broadcast and Media: Real-time editing of news, sporting and
    entertainment broadcasts 
  • Healthcare: PACS, MRI, general x-rays, real-time surgical training and monitoring 

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