Comprised of a portfolio of high-speed transport   services Lightpath Optical Transport (OTS) Private Line Services are delivered over Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology. OTS supports emerging protocols and applications that are highly sensitive to delay and jitter. OTS connects your business locations with dedicated full line rate services for the interconnection of Local Area Networks, hosting/data centers or storage facilities.

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Low Latency Optical Transport services are best-in-class, high capacity, point-to-point connections delivered over our state-of-the-art low latency network. These services have been designed to support the financial service community by delivering a robust service that is in-line with proximity trading strategies. Low Latency services, provisioned over a specialized Wave Division network are perfect for algorithmic trading applications, Direct Market Access (DMA) providers and more, with guaranteed sub-millisecond round-trip performance between key data center locations.


  • High capacity transport for low latency applications, such as algorithmic trading
  • Guaranteed latency, performance and circuit delivery intervals
  • 24/7 end-to-end monitoring
  • Flat-rate pricing for cost control and budget management