The Cloud Advantage

The days of managing complex and costly business applications are in the past. Cloud services are enabling organizations explore new opportunities to strengthen customer relationships, expedite life-saving processes and leverage innovative technologies that transform the way they do business. Lightpath Cloud Services can help you eliminate the burden of the products, facilities and staff needed to maintain traditional IT services and gain the advantage of operating in "the cloud".

Not New But Necessary

Cloud services may be the industry buzzword, but the reality is, organizations have been actively using  and benefitting from cloud-based or hosted application platforms for years. It's why we designed our 100% fiber-optic-network to deliver the industry-leading business applications and unparalleled reliability your business needs, on-demand.  It's also why businesses can count on us for the Continuity and Disaster Recovery services that are inherent in our network architecture and our products.

Lightpath Cloud Services can help you free-up internal resources and experience the benefits our scalable, reliable and secure solutions provide all for one predictable flat rate.

  • Increased Savings
    Reduce poser and personnel costs while improve operational efficiencies
  • Simple Scalability
    Easily increase or decrease service levels based on your business needs.
  • Powerful Security
    Keep you information safe in the cloud with Lightpath's leading network security.
  • Remote Accessibility
    Increase performance by enabling online access for employees any time, anywhere.
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
    Rest assured that your business critical data will always be available in the event of an emergency.
  • Resource Reallocation
    Eliminate on-site equipment storage and free up facility space.