When even minimal downtime is not an option   for your business, you need reliable solutions that prepare and protect your organization in the event of disruption. Lightpath can help you assess vulnerabilities and execute an effective communications assurance plan with a portfolio of products designed with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) services built in.

At any time your business can experience a short-term interruption due to the absence of key personnel, or a longer-term outage as result of a natural disaster. Only proactive planning, tested and proven procedures will ensure you can maintain availability and safeguard critical data.

Lightpath has the trusted experiences to help your organization:

  • Identify current operational risks and requirements
  • Plan and implement effective BC/DR communications strategies
  • Leverage solutions to help maintain essential services
  • Protect your organization, customers and reputation

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Building Your First Line of Defense

Businesses have had to refocus the traditional approach to disaster protection from an event-driven IT responsibility to a company-wide effort in order to accomplish an effective business continuity program.

Lightpath has been helping customers prepare for unexpected interruptions by developing solutions that enable the continuation of critical business processes - customized to fit their specific needs.

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